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Our Service Area

Proudly serving all of: Franklin, Gasconade, and Warren counties.

Parts of: Crawford, St. Charles, Jefferson, and St. Louis counties.
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
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Appraisal Fee Schedule

Standard Appraisal Fee:
     Within Washington/Union City Limits:$350.00
     Within Landmark coverage area$375.00 *
     Personal GPAR Appraisal$325.00
Land Only (up to 50 acres):$400.00+
1004 - URAR:$375.00 **
1004 - URAR - New Construction:$425.00
Small Residential Income Property:$600.00
Commercial Narratives:By quote only
     Limited Summary Report$1,200 and up
     Self Contained Report$2,000 and up
Final Inspection Fee:$150.00

*Trip charge may apply
**"Standard Appraisals" complete 72 hours from time of inspection

Errors & Omission Insurance, Resumes, Licenses and samples available upon request